• heart
    I've learned something. Your world is only meant for you. I didn't know. "When

    you cried I'd wipe away all of your tears. When you'd scream, I'd fight away all of your fears."

    I'd WHISPER those words softly to myself when we were alone. Those words I would

    speak to myself every time I heard your loving, radiant voice saddened by the world around

    you. Pick up the phone. HELLO? You'd say. Hello, I'm still here. I'm your mind giving

    you someone to talk to. Don't you dare shed another tear. Nonetheless, you do anyway. Let

    the tears cascade down your cheeks as water pours down a waterfall, reaching the shallow

    depth bellow. Meanwhile, I'm constantly HAUNTED by the sound of your voice in peril.

    So close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Breath out slowly. Repeat this until the tears stop

    flowing. I can now relax, along with you my love. "Lets keep our eyes closed, if only for the

    moment." Present now is silence. It giving us the gift as acting as our TOURNIQUET.

    "Shhh... don't say...

    anything just yet." I'll break this vow of silence and deliver MY LAST BREATH before I

    speak. "Angel..." I don't get a response. I fear I'm loosing you; I can't hear you breathing. "Are

    you GOING UNDER?" But then, I hear you breathing once again. My salvation has

    returned to me. You've fallen asleep. Don't mind awakening on my behalf. I'm at peace with

    myself and your off to visit your perfect sanctuary once again...