• You are my soul energy
    Your the one when i see it sends my heart into a frenzy
    Conducting words to my brain including love and misery
    Love for when I'm with you
    Misery for when I'm without you
    Why cant you see what you truly mean to me
    Every time you walk away a small part of me follows
    Everytime you speak my name i find words hard to be swallowed
    Could you be real?
    Or just a sick fantasy?
    Which I'm too naive to see the reality too
    So what are you waiting for?
    Whisk me away
    While I'm still blind to the disappointments fate is destined to play
    I'm your lost puppy to lead astray
    From the rights and the wrongs of this inhumanity
    I never want to wake to face my own reality
    Be my forbidden fruit that's just to tempting to turn away
    For you my dream is just to good to give a way