• The rebirth will begin in several days..
    The mindless voice pleaded.
    All those unseated will await at the bays.
    Until the show is over~

    We filed slowly and languidly into the hall
    The auditorium was vast but silent, nothing like a ball
    As we seated in the dark the voice continued.

    The program for this evening is no false
    I have returned with a new pulse
    You seen me through birth and life and death
    I'm sure you had a good rest

    Did I have a good world when I died?

    I'm getting out of here!

    Where are you going?

    To the other side of morning...

    Please don't follow the moon, Arctarius.

    His c**t wrapped him like a rope around a bull.

    Tis' alright, all your friends are here

    Are they in my beer?

    No but you can eat them

    But I'm not hungry enough for 'em

    Would you rebirth to them?

    Ooo..Silver screams...pellucid streams...

    Impossible concentration.

    July 13, 2010.
    Rebirth of the Wraith.

    ~ Arctarius V