• Both a little shy,
    Didn't know where to begin,
    Was this real?
    Or were they dreaming again?

    Out the window she went,
    Tip-toeing across the street,
    "Shhh, quiet,
    I think everyones asleep."

    So nerves,
    Trembling and shaking,
    "You okay?" he asked,
    She didn't say a thing.

    She got in his car,
    Like she had befor,
    But this time was different,
    They felt so much more.

    She spoke with a smile,
    He replied,
    "It's been a year, I haven't seen you in a while."

    "You've grown up," He implied,
    "Yea that happens," with a smirk on her face,
    "And you're more sarcastic!"
    Laughter took place.

    They drove off,
    Into the lights that lit the town,
    Catching up,
    As they drove around,

    "I know this place!"
    She said as they pulled into his driveway,
    Same dogs, same plants,
    Everything was the exact same way,

    Through the door,
    House was a mess,
    He apologized,
    For not cleaning the rest,

    She sat down,
    On the couch she knew so well,
    Because that was where,
    Her heart had fell,

    They laughed,
    At the memories of a year ago,
    When they had met,
    When they didn't know,

    She walked to his bedroom,
    Laughing at his racecar pillow,
    Smiling at eachother,
    How couldn't they know?

    She sat down,
    He did too,
    They kissed,
    This was nothing new,

    Things got intense,
    As he took off her clothes,
    He asked if it was alright,
    But she froze,

    "Ya" she said,
    As her shirt hit the floor,
    She was scared,
    She hadn't done this befor,

    "Just relax,"
    He said as he worked his way in,
    She did,
    As the pain had started to begin,

    Half an hour later,
    She was amazed,
    She was ashamed,
    Her future had changed,

    They sat there,
    And talked the rest of the night,
    They understood eachother,
    It was okay, it was alright,

    How she would explain this,
    She couldnt find a way,
    So they agreed,
    A secret it had to stay,

    "I need to tell you something."
    He said as he hoped he wouldn't lose a friend,
    "I ship out next month,
    So I probably won't see you again."

    She was sad,
    But she already knew,
    He pulled up to her house,
    "Goodbye, I'll miss you."

    She looked at him and smiled,
    Because she wasn't sure if it was 'her' he'd miss,
    But she didn't question him,
    As she went in for one last kiss.

    They stoped for a moment,
    As she realized she missed,
    She was embarrassed,
    But it was still a perfect last kiss...