• It's hard to explain, but I'm sick and tired of your game. I don't wanna be taught lessons that I've already learned. Shutup, it's finally my turn. I don't wanna hear your excuses, your apologies. I wanna say what's on my mind, I wanna tell you what I really feel. I feel unaccepted, isolated. I feel like you think I'm not good enough.

    Why can't you just let me live my life?
    You ain't gonna control me anymore. I'm not gonna let you win this war. I'm gonna skip a step, cheat my way out.

    I don't wanna deal with this anymore. Just leave me alone. I don't want you in my life. I need you to go. Please just accept me for who I am. I don't like being judged because I'm different. Please stop making me cry.

    Are you finished with all your lies? Are you finished making me cry every damn day?
    I don't wanna deal with this anymore.
    Please just accept me.
    I am who I am, and you can't change me. No, no. I just want you out of my life. If you can't accept me, then why are you still here? Why are you fighting to keep me? I can't handle this anymore. The pressure of being perfect for you is suffocating me.
    I can't handle this anymore. Why can't you just accept me?