• I've been staring at these walls for near an hour.
    Oh, the pain is crushing me, I"m devoured. Devoured by the truth.
    That there's no time for us. This heart of mine has had enough. I see you breaking, shaking, scared I'll go.
    But I can't see myself...in the mirror; without crying out. I hate the tears.
    They trail down like rain. They leave hurtful stains of disdain.
    I'm not alone... I have you here.

    Chorus: I have to choose between these feuds.
    Hatred, love, and solitude. I saw the questions in your eyes. Things may not be alright.
    But we must....hold on. Cause if we don't... Then heaven only knows we're gone.

    I took a swing. Looked in your eyes. Saw the smiles and the rights.
    I felt so safe and sound.
    But then he came and all went wrong. I didn't dare to play along. Cause that would burden everything.
    I put it upon myself to tell you... I am afraid....
    The last thing I want is to lose you. But you are fading away....
    I can't go on. Won't sing along. Cause all these lyrics mean is pain....
    I will fight these laws away....


    Don't let them pull you away. I know you want me to stay. But I can't choose between life and breath.
    I was mending a broken heart. You were my tourniquet. But then the lights and peace went away....What do you want me to say..?

    So when you sleep tonight, dream of the past. And all the blurriness may clear.
    Here's to us and all the wars we face. They attempt but they can't take away...me.