• Please don't tell me
    that your feeling sorry again
    Please don't crowd me
    for I need time to figure this out
    Don't know what this is about
    Can't believe what I have found
    I'm losing that sweet sound
    of your voice coming all around
    am I going insane
    or is this really going on
    I can't believe that your gone

    Babe I know I kicked you out
    of my life
    And I know your going through
    all that pain and strife
    but honey I need you
    to feel alive so
    suck it up and move on
    I don't want you
    to be pushed down farther
    than you already were before
    Even after this
    I can't stand to see you hurt
    so get out of the dirt
    and please
    move on.

    Don't you remember
    dancing in the rain
    I'm sure those thoughts now
    bring you tears and pain
    Will you listen to me please
    I don't mean to tease
    I know your feeling like crap
    on me it feels like a slap
    in the face knowing everything erased
    Did this really go on
    I can't believe that your gone.


    Listen when I tell you
    that I still love you to
    We need you to move on
    or it will hurt us both

    Life's a beautiful thing
    but it's also what you make of it
    so please I beg you
    sit, and move on