• About to be the mature age
    No more fears
    Soon to become the man in the making
    Eighteen long, dark years
    Strength too low
    Something I would see
    I might as well climb to the top
    Like the man I'll ever be

    No more running away
    No more wilderness
    Why does everything tell me that I am
    A man who fears being hopeless?
    Disappearing in the dark
    I would one day make it through
    As stiff as the tree bark
    The flag may not always be red, white, or even blue

    No more sunrises for now
    The horizon becomes dark
    Sided with the man within me
    Alone in the empty park
    No more voices
    It's all in the past
    I'm all grown up
    Ready to be a man, till the hour is my last

    All you see is a shadow
    I'm not sick
    There will be a time again
    And everything I shall see will soon be quick
    Goodbye, friend
    It's time to move on
    My thoughts may start to bend
    But I won't ever be gone, not for long.