• After the end of everything,
    you’re still drowning in what you’ve done.
    You’d choke in the dust of your ruins,
    but only if you could.

    You tried so hard to scratch yourself
    into a grave of green stones and shattered light,
    but now you’re being pushed away.
    Now you remember what it was like.

    To be happy, to be okay,
    these were things unspoken,
    things that could not be possible
    considering the way they tended to end up.

    You’ve burned everything away, lonely one.
    And the raven’s cries can’t help you,
    because nothing was really there to begin with.
    Or so you wish you’d believe.

    But now you cannot stop crying,
    because you’re convinced you’ll destroy the sky.
    You’ll shred into pieces the very air,
    and let the wind burn in your destruction.

    It’s been so long that you’ve taken care
    of everything; you don’t know how to be protected.
    But in the pain of the light,
    maybe you’ll awaken to the reprieve

    of your suffering.