• Bicycle tires, torn and broken,
    Lying forgotten on a pebbly beach.
    Beer bottles, scraps of paper,
    Spoons, plastic bracelets and Styrofoam too.

    What was once a national beauty,
    Is now lost and forgotten.
    Tourism reigning supreme,
    No one seems to care anymore.

    Lying among the drift wood,
    The tires are in everyone’s sight.
    Yet there it still lies,
    For “It’s not my responsibility”

    Fifteen pounds picked up
    And thrown away,
    And still many more pounds left.
    How can one make such a change?

    Finally seeing Nature in full glory,
    She was hit to tears to finally notice
    She was part of the problem.
    Wanting to be the solution.

    Desperately, nearly manically,
    She picks up the tires, bottles, cans,
    Through gritted teeth and tears.
    How can one make such a Change?

    Realizing it was time to go,
    And nothing else could be done,
    A tear-stricken face left reluctantly
    The beauty once known as Patrick’s Point.