• Rest in peace, dear Sanity
    As you cross into the light
    And I step blindly into the dark
    You won't be missed
    You won't be remembered

    A vacant cemetary where you lay
    No mourning souls adorned in black
    No tombstone has been placed
    Just a void of amaranthine depth
    No longer can you be seen

    But No one wishes to look upon your countenance
    No one shows concern
    No one sheds a tear
    No one brings you flowers
    Poor No one stays with you at your grave

    The rain pounds on your resting place
    A ceaseless downpour
    Black umbrellas parade through the streets
    Passing by one another listlessly
    Not one head turns to the pathetic spectacle

    Poor Sanity
    Gone before his time
    Poor No one
    Mourning in Solitude
    The once strong connection burned away