• "Just up there". I say.
    *I look up* I stay.
    "I love you". I say.
    "I'll see you soon". I say.
    "Just wait for me up there, dad". I say.

    My mom is my grandmother.
    My dad is my grandfather.
    I love them like I'm there daughter.
    It's crazy when I have them as my adopter.
    And I cry as if I'm like they're daughter.

    They took me in when's didn't want me, my father.
    They took me in when's didn't want me, my mother.
    Neither of them took me like a daughter.
    It hurt more than any wound cut farther.
    Half brother's and sister's we're loved more like lovers.

    I was left like a puppy in a box like a loner.
    Just sad, lonely, scared and still the feeling grew stronger.
    I can't do anything if no one wanna be a helper;
    or even better yet a loving supporter.
    And that way, loved by grandmother and grandfather.

    Now, eight monthes ago he's dead, my grandfather.
    Now, a year and 3 monthes ago, moved too Western Samoa,my grandmother.
    One is in grave and the other is on an island afar.
    Raised by them as if I'm they're daughter.
    Happy was I and now sad am I, after all, we live only just lesser.

    Cuz when it comes down to it all we live to die.
    And just when we're about to die, we end up living right.
    Don't know when the end is going to take a bite,
    I'm ready to go where ever this track leads my life.
    Anywhere but here, even if I see Dad up there, I wouldn't mind.