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    'The One' is not some beautiful man I met or anything loveydovey like that. This is not a love poem. This is a hate poem. Because, as you will see, I have written this with anger and frustration and hatred. But please do not think those powerful emotions clouded my thoughts, because everything I wrote in this is true, however brutal it may seem.
    This poem is not a vent, however; it is instead a reflection of everything that has happened in my life in the past year. It is not a summary of what happened to me or of what I have lost in the year's time, but instead a pinpointing on who or what started it all.
    And now I reread it with satisfaction, more so in my discovery of the source of my life's misfortune, than in the writing itself.
    I don't mean to be unclear about what I'm saying here, but I simply cannot pour a significant year of my life into this small box. Nor do I have the energy to. Please, just read. I hope it is powerful.

    At first, I didn't look for someone to blame.
    I simply thought of how this all happened,
    And how it could be fixed.
    And I thought from every single angle of every possible dimension,
    And then finally,
    My brain bursted.

    I gave it so much thought,
    That I can never think so hard again,
    And that is to my favor,
    Because life moves fast,
    And there's no time to think,
    When action is long overdue.

    So now I sit here,
    With brutal honesty at hand,
    Searching for the one seed of all our troubles,
    The spark of our misfortune,
    The focal point of this dead, burning heap.

    And finally,
    I find the One,
    The One who this all came to be because of.
    And I laugh because I don't want to cry,
    Since this One was the single person who I protected,
    Who I pitied,
    Who I forgave.

    Now I can never forgive,
    Because forgiving is forgetting,
    And I cannot forget half of my life,
    Nor the person who took that half away from me.