• -Poems Of Life-
    "Love" Act V
    (Based on the song: Proof Of Myself by: Hayashibara Megumi)
    By: Lord_Solrac2

    "Small fragments from my heart like a puzzle. Happiness and Sadness,
    It seems I'm putting them together. You cannot lie your true feelings
    together we've taught each other with smiling faces. People have
    a mind full of sorrow. They're connected to the circuit that brings bravery
    to them. People have the power to believe in tomorrow. Since this moment
    end, don't waste it. Holding Feelings that can't be reseted. Sometimes
    I'm happy with you, but when you're not here I feel sad. But the pile
    of feelings that can't be displayed nor seed anymore. It's pain to hide my
    feelings. But I know that I can change that. They're moments
    where people wants to be gentle they don't use words. Instead a they
    wanna hug, and those who don't want to be gentle. Those will be
    the rage of tomorrow. We can still change it! You, and Me!