• You know those days
    When one has to consider if it even pays
    To even breathe when everyone
    Looks down upon one and then they are gone
    In an instant it seems
    As if conjured up in dreams
    The friends one used to have and chill
    The same ones that kept one from going on pills
    Gone in a flash
    Nothing in this world seems to last
    I feel so stupid and used and in pain
    After everyone expects so much, I go insane
    Why can't everyone leave me alone
    Cause that's all I ever have known
    But wait ....
    The clock is ticking, the time is set
    Come on everybody and place your bets
    To see how long it takes for me to crack
    Under the pressure, they don't give jack
    They only want to see whats on the out
    They don't know half the stuff I am all about
    Perhaps one day they'll finally see
    That I'm not that little girl they wanted me to be