• a simple good bye,
    would of been nice,
    but instead you lied.

    you said i'll come right back,
    while i waited for you to show,
    but you never appeared.

    you told me one day,
    i can live and do anything i want,
    i can see that was ment for you and not i.

    just a child,
    and you left me behind,
    while your supposed to be the adult.

    i grew up faster,
    while you where gone,
    as my childness passed away.

    no more tears can come from me,
    because my eyes are all dried up,
    from the lies you put upon me.

    how can you call me your son,
    if your never here,
    to watch me grow?

    to my mother,
    how can you leave,
    when i was a child?

    to my father,
    how can you lie,
    and treat me as you did?

    you both left,
    only for me to take care,
    of the little ones you left behind.

    only being 10,
    i became a mother,
    for my brothers.

    only being 10,
    i became a father,
    for my brothers.

    if you came back i would never respect you,
    but i would forgive you,
    because i'm above you both.

    as i grew up,
    feeding my baby brother,
    i became a father.

    a father of which,
    i put my heart into,
    while your gone.

    And i grew,
    i grew up with the family i worked for,
    while you both took off.

    the love is gone,
    and the hate grew,
    but with out hate, my love would never be there.

    i thank you for being gone,
    because i grew,
    into something you both have not matured into.

    as i ponder a tear falls,
    into something,
    i never had.

    bye mother,
    bye father,
    you both are out of my lives.