• You look at the man, who raised you,
    Making you stronger,
    And making you brave.

    The man that said,
    You can!
    And presses u on.

    The man that was always there,
    When you cards where down,
    And lend you a hand.

    The men who help you get up,
    From a big fall,
    Of not only emotional, by physical.

    But what happens when the man,
    Who encouraged you?
    And guided you, through the bad.

    Gives up?

    Seeming like a child,
    Seemed so short,
    Because you have to be something.

    To only be a child,
    And your father giving up,
    Leaving u cast aside.

    As if the world got a bit bigger,
    And as if it got a bit darker,
    As it continues to get scarier.

    To only be a child,
    Knowing how it feels to be alone,
    Thinking there is no tomorrow.

    To only cherish the memories you have,
    Of the great father,
    That once kissed your forehead.

    A closed casket,
    The child puts his head on it,
    Only to cry, wishing his father was back alive.

    Only wanting his hand to touch him,
    To feel the warmth,
    Of which the great man once had.

    To hear his nice calm voice,
    In which no one can replace,
    Because it was his own.

    The little boy left alone,
    In a world not fit,
    For a poor lonely soul.

    The boy sitting alone,
    In a play ground,
    Waiting for his father to be returned to him...