• And there his head layed in the puddle of his own blood,
    and his face charred away.
    Why didn't his mom care enough to help him,
    or even look while her son just melted away?

    I saw the whole thing frozen in fear,
    and he just looked back at me;
    like he was looking for one last friend.

    His ball rolled over to my feet;
    before his body collapsed onto the floor.
    The only sound heard was the shoppers who passed by,
    and his mother who didn't seem to care.

    When his mother finally got done with her call;
    she gazed at her sons head on the floor.
    Not even a tear,
    or the hint of a "oh no".
    She took her six inches heel,
    and walked on her son.
    Leaving him there alone.

    As she walked past everyone;
    you could see a little white orb with her,
    and you can only imagine it was her little boy.