• I am your final wish

    Falling down upon your dreams, you can’t escape the sun beams

    I never go away; I am your cloud, following you wherever you go

    I am your light, a firefly that leads the way to home

    Everything comes true as simple as it seems, right when you fall asleep

    I like to make you believe that the planet earth moves slowly

    I then, become a blur just when you try to find me

    You write letters to me, sending messages about how much you feel about me

    I am the question to your curiosity, the Key to your heart

    When awaken, you’re right back at the start

    I am your sunlight, painting dreams in the twilight sky

    Don’t let go of me, with our stardust wings, we won’t need feathers to fly

    You look up at me as we fly beyond and far

    You know. I am your wishing star~