• My dreams are all I have left of you it seems..
    But I know...
    We both want more...
    .please.. Babe..
    I miss you.
    I need you.
    I want you back forever an always.
    I can’t live this way much longer.
    I’m ripping hair outa my skull
    I cry and cry as face hits the pillow weary and needing rest
    But the tears won’t stop
    The pillow it’s wet
    I can’t sleep
    My head feels like soggy paper towels
    Then,.. nothing but darkness.
    And waking isn’t much better
    The tears come again from fresh dreams of you..
    Nightmares in their own sense.
    I know you would agree
    To an onlooker
    They wouldn’t, they couldn’t see ....

    . I visited u last night while I slept.
    I went to your little house in the country and I did everything I could to make you see me.
    I know you did.
    Not a single word was uttered from your lips
    You did not care to ask why I was their
    You simply left as I drank away the sorrow
    In that little kitchen
    At that little table.

    Last nights dreams were no different than before
    A night long and dreary,
    You see me each time
    I know that you have seen me.
    You won’t speak
    You wont push forward..
    Quick glances
    A double take
    Your gone without a sound.

    I know I deserve this treatment but give me something else
    Yell at me hate me SOMETHING!
    I need to know I’m still alive
    I can’t remember what it feels like anymore.
    If this is life..
    What is living...
    But sitting in a shell
    Waiting for it to crumble,
    Burry me beneath chaos
    The chaos in my head
    Words and memories
    Spinning, twisting, blinding, confusing..
    Who am I?
    I haven’t a clue.
    But you know
    Don’t you?
    I know you do.
    You’re as trapped and lost as me
    But together don’t you see we can escape that misery
    O I wish it could be.
    You lost yourself without me
    I tossed myself aside without you
    I was too selfish to see the damage was greater than the escape
    How stupid I had been.. I am

    Just take me back
    Let’s move away
    Across the sea
    A snowy mountain top
    Only you and me
    Do you remember our plans?
    To be together always?
    We were to go to Alaska
    N u would shoot me a bunny
    For a bikini and a bear for a rug
    And we could lie on that fur for hours
    The warmth of the wood fire filling the air
    Our breaths tasting
    Our bodies twisting
    And that smile..
    Your delightfully devilish, innocent smile
    I can feel the love between us
    Even now so far apart
    But my fantasy
    Is all I have
    To pretend
    And again

    My pride is to strong
    I have been gone to long
    You’ve told me not to show my face
    Around anywhere that you might place
    Yourself amongst our peers
    If I show up
    Your sure to go mad
    To attack and rage and do your best
    To upset
    You tell me not to show my face
    But all I think of in replace
    Is seeing you
    Not a moment to soon
    Into your arms I will fly
    Never to leave again
    For some other guy
    Ill never leave again
    This time ill swear
    To be with you
    Till we have gray hair

    I want to be your wife my love
    I want to be held in your arms
    And feel your strength against my skin
    I want to have a baby beautiful and sweet
    I want to hold your hand and walk down the street
    I want I want I want
    But nothing I shall get
    ((Girl set down your pride and run))
    To the one you’ll always love
    (Boy don’t turn your back)
    When we get our very last chance

    Two strikes
    I’m not out yet
    We have one more chance
    One last bet
    Can it be done?
    Was it ever real?
    Guess its time to find out
    How it is we really feel
    LoveSpells turn to Nightmares