• All around me people frown,
    Beyond their facades, smiling down.
    Can't you see beyond my mirror?
    Don't you notice, can't you hear?
    Enormous mountains of stress galore,
    Fragments fallen to the floor.
    Guarded hearts locked in a cage,
    Hardened with drops of reddened rage.
    Indigo rainbows tear at the sky,
    Just talking with you makes my soul die.
    Killing me slowly without any pain,
    Like sand washing away in the rain.
    Millennia's have come and gone, but I have stayed.
    Now you wish to hear, hear the path that I've laid?
    Omnipotent, you? You really must jest,
    Pretending that you really know best.
    Quakes lash out at our city's crown,
    Rivers flood and millions drowned.
    Suppose I survive, what would you do then?
    Trying to wipe out what never began?
    Under this blood red sky I wait,
    Vanishing into smoke at little a rate.
    Watching the stars for that one faithful day,
    Xanthene symbols will show me the way.
    You say that you care, but I desire proof,
    Zeal is the answer, now I want the truth.