• I like the stars you like moon
    I love red you love blue
    Nothings alike me or you
    But our love still hangs on
    Night skies and Morning lights
    Romance and T.v. Fights
    Oh the differences we bare
    cant compare to the love we share
    [piano solo]
    Time will pass and we will know
    if our love should show
    I dont think so
    we shoudl part from here
    life is hard dear.
    thats pretty clear.
    Sorry to say I'm,
    Leaving today.
    Don't miss me
    dont ever have sympathy
    because the stars and the moon still shine over you
    and that is us
    so remember red and blue thats me and you
    night skies and morning lights
    romance and t.v. fights
    thats me and you
    thats you and me
    and me
    thats me and you
    nd me and you
    thats you and me