• The way I care is so severe,
    That "Love" can't be as strong
    So when I say "I love you more",
    I mean that we "belong"

    "I love you" isn't good enough,
    So I'll say what I intend
    You'll always be the one I love,
    And never will that end.

    I'll give you all the care I have,
    And be with you each day
    I'll give you all I have to give,
    Just promise me you'll stay.

    I love you oh so very much,
    That words cannot compare
    So now you know "I love you" means
    "I need you more than air"

    The way I care is so severe that "Love" cant be as strong.
    But things this pure are always sure to have a detail wrong.

    Although our bond will surely break, our strings will not untie.
    Time will scrape against our love, but never will it die.

    Remember when I'd always say the sky was ours to share?
    The sky cannot be big enough to hold how much I care.

    It's sad that time must envy me, for watching in my view.
    So it can never see the fact my life belongs to you.

    Because of this, our future waits with sorrow in its course.
    So from the start, this bond was just a set up for remorse.