• I knew my love for you was true,falling in love is like taffy in my mouth,it's hard to get you out my head,your like a ice-cream brain-freezing my head,but then i got so nervous and turnedaway,but you still don't realize my feelings yet,i wish you would,

    your like my sweet choclate meltin in my mouth everytime you look at me with such gentle eyes,you laugh so gently,but because of that i can't stop i can't stop loveing you!,my feelings are growing stronger,why is it that you had to come into my life?now it isn't the same anymore....I love you so dearly,but what should i do now?I don't kno how i ended up falling in love with someyone like you.

    your like a mixture of all the sweets,sinking into my whole heart,It's hard to forget about you,slowly you start realizing your own feelings that's when you turned into my sweet cafe full of sweets,thats's when i shouted"I Love You!" and i hope you return it to that taffy with a gentle smile....i will always love you,and we'll be together until forever until i die,Let's make a promise that the cafe will always stay forever