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    Ep: 389 (p2)

    Zerogu: Now that we know the truth... We now know, what to avoid and what cannot be stopped.
    Alexander: …. Knowing It, may be.... Our last chnace...
    Krile: What, what is life then?
    Dark: A mistery... A Game, a role, or even just a passtime...
    Juliana: One self must also know it real reasons, therefore if one self doens't, it's all went to waste...
    Arnus: How to forget, the few only moments of biggest joy. In a life so ful of dispare... ?
    Jason: How to live with the pain in our hearts all in this life?
    Axel: How to forgive?, those who are the cause of the pain?
    Maria: How to resist? Aggainst the Anger, and pain...? Where do they come from? And Where do they go?
    Xinnion(The Real One): How to recover?, our wounds from the battle?
    Ragnarok(Voice): How to Find The Real Reality?? To Protect the rages.. from being unleashed?
    Thantos(Voice): To Once Again.. Protect what is ours... To once again, Regain what we had, to stop this madness withing each one of us... To Stop the madness... the you crreated (to Zeniox)...
    Zerogu: We'll Keep On Fighting! No Matter What Happens! If they can't do it... We Will...
    Midorin(Voice): In Order to restore what is ours from the hell that they all faded to,
    Juliana: For Life.
    Dark: For Restore.
    Alexander: For the Essence.
    Krile: For The Ones we've lost.
    Maria: For All In our lives...
    Zerogu: … For The End... To A New Beginning.

    Ep:: 389 :: The Reality Of One's Self.. (Part 2: The Truth the is not accepted....)

    Poem Version:: “Life” Act I

    “ Now that I know what it is and was, now I know what was my mistake... And what I must Fix... Even if it costs my life as I know it, I must find what it means... A mystery? A Game? A Toy? Or Sufferment? Joy? Faith? Life... Hope..... Dreams.... ...Where Do They Come From?... And Where do they go? If it is for I to keep suffering the pain... I rather live without it... But them... Those who just keep coming back! My Rage For them is unberable! How Must I Resist this pain!? And for How Long? If I am to die... Will I... Still be with... you? Where Must I Go? To Find the truth? Why am I, allways Alone?.... I was unable to save them... What- What Am I? Why this all happen? … Why did I? Why did you? How am I suppose to restore it? No! I will.. I must Keep Myslef Alive... I will make sure... I'll complete my Promise....”

    Author's Comment:
    In The Version Of The Lords, with "You" they mean Zeniox (ratherly called Xinnion's Dark self) The goal at the moment was to find out what was the 3rd Meaning of the Book of Souls, as for in the poem (more like Thantos' life) he is thinking of the life he had before he went into being a Neon, he lost his family and friends. He askes him self "Why Did I?" which means, "Why did I let this happen just like that? Without even protecting them??" By "You" at the question of "If I were to die.... will I still be... With You?" He means, everyone he lost as for the 2nd "Why Did You?" is more like "God, why did nyou let this happen to me?" he is very determined to his goal which is to get out of his misery and start a new life... This Poem and All of it's Act Are also very alike the Lives of the Neon Lords in the book. But That is now under planing. This Poem Came to my head when I was thinking about what happen to my group on CF and ROE. So yea it bringed lots of memories, strangely it all fell into the place ^^"