• I walk down a lonely road as lonely as can be,
    and as I walk I see something looking back at me.
    It's not human and not an angel but something in between,
    She is a girl with beauty I cannot describe with my words without any mean.
    Eyes as soft as freshly fallen snow , teeth so bright I cannot see,
    her hair makes the day with beauty of clouds so soft to the touch and yet it cannot be.
    I want to speak but my words are lost, as my toes begin to frost.
    her beauty cannot be measured not even by the world, and my fingers had already curled from the cold air around me. I gather courage to approach her, like poacher for her fur. I start to walk closer to her but I get cut off by a bus. I start to walk again but the bus leaves................. and so did she. crying
    After this day I began to wonder did I see a Winter Angel