• Today when I woke up this morning,

    I had tears in my eyes,

    I've realized this on that perticular day I made one of the biggest mistakes of my life,

    I want you to know,

    I'm sorry if I could travel back to that dreadful day I would,

    I'll never be the same without you in my life,

    I wanna take your pain away,

    I'm so sorry,

    I know I did was wrong,

    All I've ever done was throw my most treasured things away,

    I've wasted my love,

    But when I see you I just smile with tears in these hazel eyes,

    I feel my heart screaming out for you,

    When I'm alone I feel so cold joyless locked inside,

    I wanna know you still love me,

    My heart shatters and rebuilds itself for you,

    I see you in my sleep,

    I cannot escape you,

    I can't get you outta my head,

    I love you,

    I'm sorry,

    I know I've broken these promises,

    I'm sorry I was stupid,

    You are my world,

    My sun to my universe

    Just please without you my world is dark as death

    I'm sorry,

    I'm in need of you darling,

    Please find this poor lost soul inside of me,

    Fix it cause only you can,

    I'm sorry my luv,

    I love you,

    Forgive me