• The thunder booms outside as I wonder how I'll get back.
    Hail pours as I run.
    Through puddles I run for saftey.
    Lightning strikes and I am paralyzed momentarily with fear.
    Several hailstones strike me.
    Fear releases me and I am able to move again.
    The deafening sound of thunder fills my ears as I take off running.
    The cold wind rips through my wet clothes and I shiver.
    The gloomy weather fills me with sorrow.
    My sorrow soon turns to fear when lightning strikes again.
    I panic and fall into a deep cold puddle.
    I stand up out of the puddle and find that I am near my destination.
    The cold paralyzes me and Thunder booms once more.
    I stand there shivering, getting wetter and wetter.
    My body is numb but I can move slowly.
    I take small steps towards the my destination.
    The cold wind rips through my wet clothes once more, but I am almost there.
    I am so cold; I look like a walking drowned corpse.
    I finally reach my destination, but in my cold drenched state, I can't open the door.
    Shivering, I try once more.
    Somehow I am able to get inside.
    I sit in front of the nice warm fireplace and it feels wonderful.
    The color returns to me and I no longer look like a corpse.
    Lightning strikes and Thunder booms, but I am safe here in my home.