• If only I could turn back time to the day you and I first met
    For it was the day that we became friends; a day that I shall never forget
    Though it’s been so long since we parted ways; I now long to see your face
    And it has been a while since I too have felt your warmth and comfort embrace

    I know that time has passed since then, but I still remember those days
    Where we talked and argued, cry and laughed and then sing our troubles away
    Though I fail to say that “I love you” for I know that it’s too late
    There were flaws in me that I wish to undone that I can never compensate

    But your love as a friend has kept me going, it shined a path for me
    Even though our relationship was over too soon I'm as happy as I’ll ever be
    Thanks to you I had some fun this summer for you were there for me
    Whenever I needed a confidant, you appeared to me constantly

    If time permits the two of us to see each other again
    I pray the bond we shared last time is still strong as it was then
    But as for now I can only dream of the time our fates intertwined
    When we were able to say "what's mine is yours" and "What's yours was also mine's"