• icry, i cry
    i cry deep inside.
    you hurt me so.
    everytime you say
    i love you to your 'babe'
    i cry, i break, i hurt and die
    i die a little bit everytime
    because we belong togather.
    you know its so
    i know you do
    we felt that spark
    when we hug when we touch
    the spark is there
    i know you feel it as well as i do.
    its there clear as die,
    you say your taken.
    you say you found your soul mate
    you say it to make her feel good
    but we both know that you and i will end up togather
    or so i hope,
    i hurt and cry
    cry hard
    cry long
    die just a bit
    every time you say you love her
    kills me more and more
    you say im not your type yet we feel that spark
    why deni it anylonger
    thats my only question
    i know you love my twang
    i know you love how i can act like an isiot and not care
    i know i love the way you are
    the way you make me feel
    the way my stomach flips everytime i see you
    the way you love you metal bands
    the way i love everything you are
    i have a cute lil accent you love so dearly
    you listen hard so it sounds clearly
    you love my laugh
    i love your smile
    you make me feel good for a while
    then you turn and push me away saying that youll never think of me like that
    its hard for me to even see
    your leading me on
    you made me fall hard from the first time i saw you in english
    i helped you write a paper and make the grade
    soon i will die
    from the heart break you caused me
    and you will cry
    and see that all i did was cry for you
    then youll realize you truly did love me
    but it'll be too late