• i wass 14 i fell in love with beatrice.
    her parents sent her away bc she had gotten pregnant.
    i ranaway. i stopped at a strange town and i snapped.
    i destroyed the entire town.
    its been 11,000 years and those memories still haunt me.
    when i sleep i see myself and hav memories of me and her.
    she was a princess and i was her protector and she got pregnant and they killed me because of it.
    then i was a knight and she was new to the village.
    some guy was about to hit her. i stopped him.
    i followed her around the town and asked her 13 times to go on a date with me before she said yes.
    i was walking her home and we saw a guy burning her house down.
    he saw her and moved to atteck.
    i had to kill him.
    i tried to get her onto my horse so she could go to my house to spend the night but she refused.
    i got down and put her on the horse and guided it home.
    "why do u get to walk and i dont?" she asked
    "because i hav walked farther and it doesnt bother me." i said
    we got to my house and i prepare to sleep on th floor.
    she said she would be comfortable there and i told her she was sleeping in the bed.
    "not a chance. this is your house. u take the bed." she stated
    "nope cant do it i hav too much honor to let u sleep on the floor" i said
    "well im not sleeping in ur bed while u sleep on the floor" she replied
    i picked her up and placed her in my roo and i fell asleep on the floor.
    i awoke to find her sleeping next to me and i smiled.
    that day i bought her new clothes .
    i felt bad because all her clothes burned with her house.
    she was embarassed.