• I made a mistake
    I let you in
    And in this dance
    Nobody wins

    Can't you see it?
    Or are you blind?
    I'm not who you think
    You'll detest what you find

    I'm far from perfect
    Nowhere near it
    This mold that you have
    It's one that I don't fit

    The angel you see
    She's not all there
    Can you not tell?
    Or do you believe life is fair?

    You have to get out
    Leave, take your release
    Please, do me this kindnes
    I want your heart to be at peace

    You deserve an angel,
    The one that fills the mold
    Who won't regret letting you in,
    And she'll be yours to hold

    I wish you a love
    So pure and true
    That when you look at her
    The feelings will always seem new

    I made a mistake
    By letting you fall
    And from my heart
    That's the worst thing of all