• Thanksgiving is a day that brings family together ,
    the excitement of sitting together at the dinner
    table sharing thanks & giving to others .

    Thanksgiving is anticipation . The wonderful &
    amazing aroma of the food being made , the
    decor & the help of family to make the food .

    Thanksgiving is the family set all around the table .
    Dressed nice & clean , sharing smiles , sharing
    love , sharing what were thankful for & sharing a
    special thanksgiving grace .

    Thanksgiving is a time that comes around only
    once a year & its a day that gives us a good cheer .

    Thanksgiving is a day the table is
    set with all types of foods like turkey , stuffing ,
    mac & cheese , gravy , sweet yam , potatoes
    pie & others .

    Thanksgiving is a meaningful day to us all
    over the world . & Thanksgiving will come again . biggrin