• This day is emotional, just like the year
    Feeling the excitement of college draw near;
    This day that we celebrate will stay with us always
    We’ll cherish it nostalgically as life goes through days.
    When we look back at how we got here,
    We think of our parents who are now in tears.
    They were there when we learned how to talk
    They are the ones who helped and taught us to walk.
    Years like that come only so many times
    We’re grateful for their love so sublime.
    On the first day of departure and learning,
    Our parents were there to ease our hurting
    They were with us during school’s hard demands
    With open arms and holding our hands.
    We struggled to get through the obstacles in school,
    But, now we’ve mastered all of those rules.
    In the continuing phase of our lives
    Friendship emerges where loneliness thrives.
    Our friends have helped us to learn from ourselves
    And all of their pictures now fill up our shelves.
    These past four years have been tricky and hard,
    The teachers guided us and kept as a guard.
    We’re glad to be part of the Golden Hawk Pride
    Now we’ll show the world with a prideful stride.
    We take on responsibilities and seek to be the best
    For college is far more than a simple test.
    It’s there where we walk the path we created for us alone
    And make sure that the essential to us is well known.
    It will be hard; no one said it’d be easy
    Going through life won’t be effortless and breezy.
    Now it is time to sit back and take it all in
    For this is when our new life begins.
    And something that we might always regret
    Is saying goodbye to the high school we’ll never forget.