• She who is too naive and yet can trust with your being.she believes she caan shape the world to her will.Her sin and souls is of pride.yet i do not envy her never will i envy anyone.

    to know ones own demons is to face darkness.She is sumerged in it she revels in it.i tried to help but she refused.beasts followed her as if she was meat.then when she left a beast she came to me for help.

    I'm tired of being someones plaything.something to be used as if i was some object.she did not hear my screams to stay away from the beasts.yet she comes again and again when the beasts bitten her over and over again.

    To know love is to revel in it.the beasts speak honeyed lies while i speak truth against them.she denies truth and ges for the beasts honeyed lies.i walked away from her leaving her alone.

    I see the men she dates for what they are.beasts for the slaughter yet i dare not hurt them.i am a broken man.i promised her i'd protect her but she left me alone.i offered her a silent prayer but she denies me that. so now i walk this road.i stoad at the egde of love yet it was taken.

    lust is her sin.always will be.i am a broken knight.forever broken.