• Can you keep a secret?
    Well I'm afraid of the world because they want me to die, can you believe it?
    But I'm still alive... and been floating since '95
    With my chin held high but I'm so dead inside
    Let the problems just roll and put them back into a pile
    Because it's just a bunch of stuff that I can't deal with right now
    And I'm tired of always guessing and messing it up again
    And the next day it's even deeper and I'm steady sinking in

    I took a look at myself and came to grips with what I found
    It was a vision of a child, disturbed and broke down
    No soul, no heart because I gave it away
    No time for feeling sorry, I'll grieve another day
    And all those tears are stored in storm clouds
    That hover above me and cover the ugly
    Continued to haunt me when I was feeling low
    That's the same reason I hold on and never let go