• The words of passion that you hear so much Are derived from the feeling of a partner's touch,

    The way they look, the way they smell, Their familiar charm that you know so well.

    It all compiles into a swelling heart And know just the right way to start.

    A simple 'hello' or 'hi, how are you?' Leads only to the feelings that you hold so true.

    They feel all locked up to the point that it hurts. And it can only be summed up in three simple words.

    These words are too precious yet fragile and short. They're overused too, but I cannot retort.

    Oh yes, now the words are a tad commonplace. I can stand right in front of her and say it right to her face.

    We don't flinch, nor laugh, just stand there, we, two. No silliness here, with something to do.

    Or something to say, rather. Something so vital. And again we present ourselves like a recital.

    I look into her eyes, and she looks back as well. A smile is exchanged and the waiting is hell.

    The words are released, my feelings let through. They're only the notorious 'I' 'love' and 'you'.