• Alas! Our idol, the leader of our land,
    The gods, on his brow, the mark of death do brand,
    Halt, I say, and bring back this great man,
    Who hath defeated the rebels, and all cruelty ban.
    Release him from the abyss where all will go,
    And Lincoln, the inspiration, back to us please bestow.

    He has faced odds that few men can meet,
    And has made this fine continent strong, elite;
    An ending to his time on earth will scar us hard and deep,
    So, gods above, I say that it is not his time to forever sleep.
    Our president has shown that us people are good,
    Now it is your time to show us the virtue with which you all have stood.

    However, it seems, that my wishes are in vain,
    And our famed hero shall pass and do us pain.
    The traitor has dealt its final cruel strike,
    And the people shall mourn, men and women alike.
    Is it fitting, I wonder, as his goals are completed and done,
    That his purpose has ended, so whether by age or by the front of a gun,
    He must leave us, no matter what we say or hear,
    No matter whether of his death we anger or fear?
    But, by the Union, it is my strong thought,
    That we will keep what for so long we have fought;
    Our courage shall not falter, nor will our strength depart,
    And we will keep working to correct injustice and fault.
    Let the heavens stay by our side, and ourselves by our own laws abide,
    To defend and heal our country, with strong confidence stride.
    Comrades of mine, let us bring for this place a new dawn,
    Even if, in this great game, we all be simply pawns.

    Oh Death, the scourge, who on his black throne does sit,
    In a realm where shadows thrive, and the flame of eternity is lit,
    Welcome President Lincoln, and let him rest in peace,
    While we advance our land, protect the weak, and let the wronged by freed.