• I won't reason to show that we're friends
    When we know that we're not
    And I am afraid pulling away
    From the places I know

    I've been on this slow down ascend
    From since the beginning of the beginning
    I've only heard you once
    but you've repeated it twice

    Let's not get this started
    We've been zonked right out of our brains
    Your wit run to bits
    Courage is a non-existant inability to function.

    Correct the ways of the stranded warrior
    Help the martyr commit the murder
    Forever in dread.
    Balance the savior in a strand of a spider's web

    All we need is a little push
    Push us forward
    Let us speak
    Let us see what the Captain speaks

    Find what breaks the bigger man
    Bring the just in the smaller world
    Look through a lens
    Watch the souls break down

    It's a dark time
    The lonely man lights a match
    Its flames scorch his heart
    A friend is dead