---- Rheigne

    When Christmas come I often wonder,
    When and how do people gather
    Is it the same of what we do?
    When everybody's dancing to the tune of the blues?

    When Christmas comes, its supposed to be filled with joy
    But what of those children who can't have toys?
    Or enjoy a meal of bountiful table?
    Will someone come and be their angel?

    That ragged man across the street
    Will he be able to fight the cold of that concrete?
    Is someone gonna hand him some wheat?
    When he's all alone on that cold seat?

    When Christmas comes, what do you think about?
    Is your heart sometimes filled with doubt?
    That the year has gone and will not return
    And there's something you think you haven't discerned.

    What is the meaning of Christmas when it comes?
    Is it just fun, party and drums?
    Do you recollect your thoughts so you won't miss
    Another chance to thank God for all this bliss?

    Or do you think about the gifts, the money and the trips,
    That you'd be spending on that holiday chips?
    What is Christmas to you?
    Tell me, what is it you do?