• Sleeping I lay down
    Sleeping I fall.
    After the last laugh
    the last song sung.
    Dancing I once spun immaculate
    Once immaculate, I long ago stood proud.
    Crying words fell upon barren soil.
    There is no happiness
    No love
    No empathy
    No hate
    Only empty desire.
    Spinning I fall singing.
    Question asked
    No reply
    Empty expectations met.
    Sleeping I fall to Oblivion's steel.
    Sleeping I lay everything down
    All tears
    All laughter
    All of me
    All left at Oblivion's alter.
    Sleeping I wake alone
    Awake I cry.
    Get up, fall spinning down, laughing and crying [all the while]
    I do not try to get back up.
    Oblivion comes back.