• Senses
    I want you.
    But I don’t need you.
    I hear you,
    But I can’t touch you.
    I see you,
    But I can’t taste you.
    You’re just out of reach,
    On the tips of my fingers,
    I get up on my toes,
    And reach my arms out towards the stars
    And heavenly cars
    Reaching for you
    You’re someplace I can never go,
    A different world?
    A different Universe?
    A different dimension?
    I will never have you.
    But I want you,
    Oh how I want you.
    I love you.
    I hate you.
    You are a monster.
    You tease me,
    You put me in a box, and
    Wrap my emotions around it like a red satin ribbon
    And send me off to hell.
    I’m suffering in that box, I want out.
    I want to hold you; I want to kiss you,
    I want to experience all my senses when I’m with you
    But alas.
    It can never be.
    You and I will never exist.
    The world is cruel.