• First:
    I always rush, never think
    Maybe that's why I fall
    I am afraid to think
    Afraid of what I might become.
    What if I slip away ?
    I don't want to forget me.
    I don't want to be plastic or fake.
    I want to be who I am not who society is.
    I get judged but atleast I am me'.

    I found some friends
    I have slowed my pace.
    I listen to this cool popular music.
    I caught the latest trends.
    Forget the old me!

    Third: My friends dumped me' like trash.
    I feel so alone,afraid. I let myself slow down.
    Now I am falling apart.

    Fourth: You found me as I withered away.
    You make me' see again.
    I can peice myself back together now.
    You are my glue
    You helped be me up.

    I am not as fast as I was as a kid. I am now sixteen but I am at a normal pace. Doing okay because of you. You are a part of me.

    You told me' you needed to leave.
    You left me' and now I have slowed down.

    I am dull and dazed
    You are gone.
    You took myself away
    I can no longer rush.
    You left me' to wither.
    I let myself fall for you.
    I got caught up.