• “Chained to the Past”
    By Sarah aka Vampire Girl
    December 27, 2010

    His words seep back into my memory
    His face sneaks into my dream like nightmares
    The past is still bound to my soul
    Effecting my present and future
    Trying to ran from it
    Has always ended in tear shed
    My heart still calls for the past
    As if it still needs his name to be said with love
    The time before I was heart broken
    Seemed too far in the past to reach
    While the painful times seem to be
    Trailing right behind me like a hound dog
    Chains pull and wrench at my heart
    To keep tearing it apart
    Keep it broken in two
    Prevent it from becoming whole again
    While someone new uses
    Thread and needle to sew
    My heart back together and heal
    But steel is stronger than thread
    Therefore making is hope and effort
    A complete waste of his precious time
    He may be able to make the corners on my lips
    To turn up into a smile
    But he fails to realize
    That I’m broken inside
    Cannot be repaired from past destruction
    Still I am in the dark clutches of my past
    Haunted by memories that come as go
    Feels like I’m betraying my first love
    As I fall in love with another guy
    Trapped in a caved in cave of my past
    I can’t escape
    If only I could heal
    Then maybe my heart can be true
    To my new and careful love