• The epitaph of Faith
    These words I can not shake
    For I am all alone now
    Why is it me you chose to forsake

    These sounds inside my head
    As though they are here right now
    Like spiders in my bed
    The sweat drips from my brow

    The words always astound me
    Here lies hope forever more
    Come along just wait and see
    You will hate what's now in store

    The epitaph of Faith
    These words we can not shake
    For we are all alone now
    Please come back for all our sakes

    We cannot even fathom
    The sorrows we all face
    Without Faith here to guide us
    Just assume we've lost this race

    Let's begin our never ending quest
    For a new word to replace
    The ones we love and the words we lost
    I fear there's no end to our chase

    The epitaph of Faith
    These words it can not shake
    For it is all alone now
    When we thought it could not break

    One word so mighty, defiant
    But we still do not adhere
    And the price we're paying so giant
    If only we'd opened our ears

    It shouted and screamed to listen
    The silence forged by true love
    Or at least the absence therein
    Do we deserve this gentle nudge

    The epitaph of Faith
    These words I can not shake
    For I have stopped to read them
    No correcting this mistake

    The now fabled words upon me
    Here lies Faith once stuck, unglued
    Yet the simple things we've learned here
    Simply can not be untrue
    Although Hope lie here resting
    It is time that we are moved
    Although Faith lie here resting
    We all know what we must do