• "You know,
    something in wrong with you."

    "Why must there be something wrong with loving all that He created?"

    "He hates how you love all. He hates how you aren't pure anymore."

    "Things happen. I loved him, and I wouldn't change a single thing."

    "He hates you."

    Try to block it out.
    Try to forget it all...
    Try not to let them know how much you hurt about this all...
    Make up for what you did...
    But how?

    "I'm going to become a guardian."
    Just go.
    Help those who need it.
    Maybe you'll find him one day again.

    "I just don't understand how those red wings were made..."

    "She won't make it.
    She's just different."

    "I hope she just doesn't find him again.
    It's not natural."