• booze cruisin through the days
    dubstep wobblin ayyyy
    wakin up sayin wait?
    where is that presense that made my day
    head achin from the drain
    of all the seratonin in your brain
    layin around to ease the pain
    these are the days of grey
    keepin all my thoughts tucked away
    for my mouth cant say
    what my mind is thinking
    recover to see the light again
    grab another 40, park and sit
    pop a xany then take a s**t
    thought that hangover never quit
    sure showed it.
    next morning
    sittin around watchin national g
    makin braclets for the girls on the street
    radiating sounds pulsin through my feet
    and i gotta get up and get out
    gotta run around, feel the ground
    gotta breathe so that my lungs dont fail
    ima a glass house and your the hail
    so shatter me up and ill decompose
    ill be the mud in between your toes.
    stepping through me
    to see the fun of being free with you
    but youd prolly wipe me off just like that last guy
    but its alright cuz its just a game
    and i know ill be alright cuz we all win in the end
    your beautiful and alive
    maybe we can all just fill the sadness in our hearts
    with each other and ourselves
    just take a hit and let it go
    brain cells are hard to find
    so lets burn em
    and make smoke signals with our minds