• Hear my cry "save me!"
    On the brink of sanity

    I am a girl, a 13 yr. old black girl
    Being stepped on by this place called the world
    Sea of troubles and fears
    Drowning underneath, can you see my tears?

    The world has twisted me up
    I am me, I am not me
    The REAL me is dying on the inside

    I scream my thoughts on the inside
    I am quiet on the outside

    I dress to impress others
    Too scared to dress for myself

    Peer pressure is a thing of reality
    It can ruin
    It can destroy
    It confines the REAL me

    But I've got some good news for the girls like me
    Before you can become the real you
    You have to stand up and say, I WILL NOT DROWN IN THE SEA

    Because with help I will become uniquely and truly the REAL me. 3nodding