• My mother swallowed an elephant
    And it was eight feet wide
    After she swallowed the elephant,
    She burped things that were inside

    At first small things came out,
    Like a peanut and a fly
    But after a while she groaned...
    And a three foot plane flew by

    She took a while to get better
    The doctor bid her goodbye
    He said she wouldn't last
    For so many things inside

    Was it a coincidence?
    When the doctor said what was in
    "A two foot sandwich whole"
    She coughed it up into a bin

    This lasted for a while
    Her gross and ugly state
    I began to believe that doctor
    When something happened one day

    She was watching television
    I was eating a sandwich
    Not the one she coughed up!
    Then she sputtered out from her mouth...
    A wee little pup!

    She spat like a gun
    Here and there
    A cat, a fish, a rolling pin,
    A little girl with red hair

    She looked as if her eyes
    Would pop right out of her head
    And then there came the elephant...
    The only thing that was left

    My mother fainted and I
    Returned it to the zoo
    But then my mother went to the barn
    She came home and said;