• Pain, yes Pain, for that is my name.
    but who is this Pain, with a name of great shame?

    Pain is the morning, and Pain is the night.
    Pain is in darkness, yet also in light

    Pain is disgust, and Pain is disgrace.
    Pain is the emotion distorting my face.

    who would i be, without my love?
    where would i be, without he who was sent from above?

    Pain needs love, to balance the feeling.
    or she will rise up, till all are kneeling.

    Pain has Hate, and Pain has Sorrow.
    they are her best friends, she will see them tomorrow.

    they are the only ones, who understand,
    what it's like to be buried in sand.

    Pain is agony, and Pain is guilt.
    her emotions discombobulated, like the designs of a quilt.

    of all the things that Pain can be,
    Pain is the hidden part of me.